Q&A. Jack Acid

SUBJECT. Jack Acid
PHOTOGRAPHY. Puspa Lohmeyer & Mitch Phillips
FASHION. Adidas. Big Smith. Gucci. Marc Jacobs. See U Monday.

You can find punk in almost any genre. 
Bob Marley was punk. Nikola Tesla was punk.

HOW DO YOU hear the music of Jack Acid? 

I almost don’t hear it. I definitely feel it

I get Pantera meets Ghostemane with some ZillaKami if that’s fair. But there’s something else there. Nu metal? Trap metal? Metal core? Neo Punk?

Jack Acid. Photography by Puspa Lohmeyer

Everyone’s going to always pigeonhole or put a thumb on something new. What I call this project is just “Punk Rap”. It’s very general and vague, but everything I make whether it’s punk rock, punk rap, indie rock, jazz fusion, I do it all with a “punk” state of mind and attitude. 

You can find punk in almost any genre. Bob Marley was punk. Nikola Tesla was punk.

What should an audience know about it before they walk into your show?

I would say absolutely nothing to someone who’s about to walk into a Jack Acid show because the point of my performances is to shock you. Rattle you. 
I want you to leave the show with a new blood type. 
I want you wake up and realize something new about yourself. 

Jack Acid. I Wanna Fuck Clairo video

What’s your first memory of music making an impact on you?

Growing up looking at pictures of my father performing on stage.
I didn’t know him very well at an early age but in my eyes he was a rock star and I wanted to be like him. 
Plus, the first time I saw GG Allin throw feces, naked, at the crowd, that really opened my eyes. 

I’ve been playing drums/guitar/bass in multiple punk/ stoner rock/indie rock groups since I was 10 years old, and I haven’t stopped writing/orchestrating/and producing music since.

I can’t help but destroy myself as soon as things get good. 
I’m inspired by all the fucked up hardship
that soaks and drowns my soul. 

What are you into?

Kurt Cobain. Eminem. Black Sabbath.

They’ve inspired me on a subconscious level. I used to fall asleep to Slayer’s Reign in Blood record every night in middle school and all the components of them and my other influences just rubbed off on me without me noticing it. 

Listening to lately?

Boyo, Deftones and Playboi Carti.

Where is the inspiration generated?

Life is unfortunately full of constant agony and heartwrench; I can’t help but destroy myself as soon as things get good. I’m inspired by all the fucked up hardship that soaks and drowns my soul. 

Do you see yourself as more singer-songwriter? Guy in a band? Performance artist? 

I’m a songwriter/performer. 

How much bravado does it take to stand in front of the crowd?

I used to get extremely nervous – still do a bit – but there was a point in my life where I completely and genuinely stopped caring about others perception of me and when I’m on stage, that’s for me, not for the audience. 

Take it or leave it, I NEED to do what I do onstage just to cope with my day to day. 


Are music and style peas-in-a-pod or opposites that attract?

They definitely go hand in hand, but fashion almost has nothing to do with the music. These days, I feel like it’s 90% percent visual and 10% actual art. So if you look unique and cool as fuck, your chances of getting a following is better than someone who dresses like an average Joe but writes beautifully raw heart wrenching music. Now if you got BOTH, then fuck yeah. 

I’m watching myself from a third person view
like some sort of out of body experience.
I black out
and leave my physical vessel. 

Do you have a creative process or is it too abstract to break into steps?

Every time it’s different. Depends on the genre. Sometimes I’ll come up with a melody in my head, and sing it into my phone for later. I have a bad memory.

Sometimes I’ll hear a beat that I like and I’ll write the entire song on the spot. I approach every song differently, though. A good song is like a plate of good food, too much pepper and you fucked up the whole dish, too LITTLE oregano now your shit’s not tasting correct. I give the song – the dish – what it needs to sound – taste – good. 

Your Hot, Thirsty and Pissed EP – WOO those orange coloured cassettes! – What kind of reaction did you generate with that?

Eh, pretty okay. Not a lot of people have cassette players these days but a lot of people buy them just for a novelty. I think they look pretty rad. 

The Gutless video is your latest. 

It’s high paced, littered with anxiety and you may or may not like it. 

If you watch closely there’s alot of Easter Eggs in the video. I’m also buck naked in it so check that shit out. Shout outs Slope Records. 

Jac Acid. Gutless video

What goes through your mind before you jump on stage?

My head becomes empty, I feel my hands and legs no numb, my face turns pale and all I can hear is a deafening ringing accompanied by a strong ache in my stomach. As I walk towards the stage door, I’m watching myself from a third person view like some sort of out of body experience. I black out and leave my physical vessel. 

What’s the best lyric you’ve ever written?

I feel like this is a very unrealistic question. I couldn’t give you an accurate answer even if I tried. 

Coming next?

Long tours, new music/videos, and lots of stones to turn.

What are you striving for?

I just wanna make songs/videos that are raw and genuine that make people WAKE THE FUCK UP and realize this world isn’t peaches ‘n cream – it’s full of barbed wire, Jesus and corporate McDonald’s junkies. 

What has the music taught you?

Patience, self respect, self worth, and eating fast food on the road every night will wreck your guts. ■

Jack Acid on Slope Records